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8th August, 2021: A thought of deprivation with the self at the centre of it, burdened with a melancholy sigh…

15th August, 2021: Today I greet you with these awe-inspiring words…..

22nd August, 2021: It is not possible to visualise ‘Wholeness’. The moment you try…..

29th August, 2021: I have always wondered about Inspiration – the motivation and…..

5th September, 2021:The bearer of the mind that soars to extreme

12th September, 2021: When all you have is a prayer, then there is no battle

19th September, 2021: I can exist without a begging bowl

26th September, 2021: I am my choices, I am

3rd October, 2021: In Oneity, I am deathless

10th October, 2021: No-one owes you a favour

17th October, 2021: For a mastery over self, be a denizen of your mind

24th October, 2021: Has my life been worth anything?

31st October, 2021: You are never solo

14th November, 2021: Being in the bubble of spirituality

21st November, 2021: Being in the bubble of spirituality – Two

28th November, 2021: Being in the bubble of spirituality – Two

5th December, 2021: Cracked minds only see fractures

12th December, 2021: The Human mind is Limited

19th December, 2021: You are as you Think

26th December, 2021: The fault is of the sufferer

2nd January, 2022: Your true self is vibrant in the grey margin

9th January, 2022: Commitment to self augments a person’s intrinsic worth

16th January, 2022: The Nuts & Bolts of Commitment to self

23rd January, 2022: Our Sacred Aspects keep us connected

30th January, 2022: ‘The fabric of existence weaves itself whole’

6th February, 2022: Can you share with us an abiding life experience that you regard as transformational?

13th February, 2022: Piercing kindness is casually paying the toll charge for the car behind

20th February, 2022: Guns don’t kill, the gun culture does

27th February, 2022: We are naturally spirit beings

6th March, 2022: Gratitude expands Life

13th March, 2022: The Butterfly Effect

20th March, 2022: Embracing ‘Wholeness’, discovering ‘Sacredness’ (1)

27th March, 2022: Embracing ‘Wholeness’, discovering ‘Sacredness’ (1)

3rd April, 2022: “I am not a celebrity.Get me out of my stupidity!”

10th April, 2022: The Best Three Words (1)

17th April, 2022: The Best Three Words (2) cont.

24th April, 2022: Truly Inhabit Your Body

1st May, 2022: Spontaneity – The spice of a loving relationship

8th May, 2022: You’re your silent chant

15th May, 2022: Living Your Silent Chant

22nd May, 2022: We’re wiser when we simply observe life

29th May, 2022: We’re wiser only in diversity (2)

4th June, 2022: Surfing the waves of life