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Good bye, Mr Patel II, The Sequel - Reviews

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Anil Kumar’s first book in 2004 ‘Good Bye Mr Patel’ explored his physical and spiritual progress from his realization that everyone, particularly himself, “was deeply scripted by their social environment”. Fourteen years later his third book ‘Good Bye Mr Patel – the Sequel’ inspires the reader to appreciate the spiritual growth acquired by spending reflective time with one’s inner self. This ‘inner self’ being “the rich repository of all there is to know”.

Anil guides us lovingly, yet dynamically, through his experiences of living and how his total acceptance of the inevitable highs and lows of life have led him to appreciate the magnificence and purpose of our creation.

In the final few chapters of the book Anil shares some of his ‘cherished nuggets of powerful wisdom’ which I personally have read and contemplated on many times – each time perceiving a new dimension.

Thank you, Anil for sharing the experiences of your personal journey which will undoubtedly enlighten and enrich my own.

In gratitude, Gemma Westcott, a close friend.

‘Anil, Thank you sincerely for sharing your latest publications with me which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very beneficial in maintaining focus on the important things in life. I carry your messages with me daily and find them to be very beneficial’. Bernadette Tansey-Daly