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Good-bye, Mr Patel - Reviews

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Its Seena here.

I am writing to you as I have recently finished reading your book, “Good-bye Mr Patel” and I felt compelled to send you this message.

Anushka loaned me your book some years ago (over 8 years ago in fact) and I remember trying to read it all those years back but I just couldn’t quite get ‘into’ it. A few years (and a house move) later, and I came across it again buried deep in one of our moving boxes. I suddenly felt the urge to read it and all I can say is… WOW!

Firstly, your writing is extremely eloquent yet easy to understand – a very difficult thing for a writer to achieve, especially when the book is aimed at multiple audiences.

Secondly, you write about concepts that were way ahead of social norms at the time you wrote this book. I really admire you for that. It takes a brave person to write a book like this, especially at a time that universal concepts were so alien to many.

I know that I will be constantly referring back to your book as my life progresses, and I want to thank you deeply for putting it out there in the world. In particular, your ‘Twelve Barrier-Shattering Principles” are something that we should be all taught at an early age. I wonder how different our world may be if that were the case. In particular, your thoughts on “Honouring the Spirit in all” and on Death itself is something I read many times over and I was astounded at how simply you write about concepts that are often difficult to grasp.

I now know why all those years ago your book did not make sense to me. I wasn’t ready then to understand what you were writing about because I was yet to experience it. Following what has turned out to be the most transformative ten years of my life, the day I picked it up again was the day that it made perfect sense, because I was already learning about and experiencing the inter-connectedness of our universe within my own journey.

It’s interesting to talk to members of family about your book, as not everyone understands the messages within. It really is about perception and whether someone is ready or not in their personal journey to grasp the concepts.

I have had the same reaction with a blog I have recently started ( Not all of it makes for easy reading (particularly the posts about “My Story”) and although no-one has said anything to me personally, I know there are some very mixed reviews about what I have chosen to share. That is why I admire you for writing about concepts that are so personal to your experience and you made the leap to share them, knowing that not everyone (particularly family) would completely understand.

Thank you Anil Kumar and I hope we will meet one day soon, it’s been too long! Seena Chand, 3rd October 2018

You must let me know when your next book is out and let me know the title. I so enjoyed your previous book. You have a wonderful way of expressing the really core values of life, which so many people sadly so easily overlook while they are complaining about such trivial nuisances in life. Take good care. Kindest regards Yvonne

I have read your book Good Bye Mr.Patel and I enjoyed reading it. The journey of an individual’s life is summed up in a metaphysical abstraction connecting the individual with a higher purpose in life. It felt like reading the Eastern version of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Vijay David Koganti

Anil Kumar, Thank you for sharing your life’s knowledge with me.

  1. Honor the spirit in all – that the other person has feelings and emotions like me.
  2. Run your own race- to be better today than yesterday.
  3. No one owes me a favor – I am doing something for somebody because I want to do it, not to have an upper hand, unconditionally and without any expectations.
  4. The real enemy is within – lust for more, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.
  5. Resolutions should be for positive and meaningful change in life.
  6. Should not be afraid of dying as it is just a process.
  7. Your children are not yours – they are unique respectable human beings.
  8. Your wealth is my joy – to be genuinely happy for someone else’s happiness.

We are connected to each other as a part of the same universe. These lessons are for me to digest little by little everyday… and hopefully will feel free as you feel. Sonal Patel, Richmond, Texas

Good Bye Mr.Patel… I have started reading it and it is helping me – peeling off layers one by one and taking me near my true self. It is a slow digestive process but am truly looking forward to finding my original self. I think the spiral has started from outside environment and will end up inside! Will keep you updated. Sonal Patel, Richmond, Texas

I finished your book last night and just wanted to tell you how amazing I think it is. There is so much to discuss about it, but I loved every page of your journey, your thinking through and your chosen quotations. So much to ponder on and I respect you profoundly for taking so much trouble to convey so much in such a beautiful way. A real gift to everyone.

I treasure this as a present from you, but in fact I will be buying more copies to pass on and would like to talk to you about that as I know you will have a store of preference. Gemma Westcott

I found your book deeply calming and very thought-provoking. I came away with a strange feeling of inner peace and, having now had the book returned to me from a colleague at work (who, likewise, thoroughly enjoyed it) I shall indeed read it again. I enjoyed it so much that I have ordered this copy to give to a very good and faithful friend of mine (one of the few friends we have in life who stands with you through the good times and bad). My friend (Anne), has a birthday coming up and I think she will really enjoy this as a gift; I very much hope so.

Thanks you again for your signed copy Anil. I shall treasure it and read it again and again over the years. With kindest regards, Yvonne Kinasz

I have been meaning to drop you a line for some time to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I found it very inspirational and certainly in keeping with my philosophy on life. When one is faced with life’s challenges, it is easy to become a victim of the circumstances we face. Your book inspires a positive attitude towards life and provides a view that whilst one may not be able to control certain unfortunate circumstances in life, one can control the outcome!

I look forward to your next book. Bernadette Tansey-Daly

I have almost finished your book. I found a lot of courage in the way you handled your difficult situations and did every thing you could to carve out a genuine name and image for your self and your immediate family. Going against certain traditions in one’s culture always calls for a lot of courage and I salute you for persevering, without entirely ostracising yourself. Most of all, Anil, I see so much wisdom in all your various analysis of your different situations. You always seem to be able to find an outer and higher meaning to situations. Your ability to go within, and reflect on issues is very praiseworthy. I really admire that in you – I wish I could be so wise! Grace Ada

I am a counselling psychologist, I worked in mental health for about 19 years, moved into the medical model 12 years ago,work at Southend Hospital Chronic Pain Service, initially trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, then found Jon Kabat-Zin and Mindfulness, the philosophy being, to live in moment to moment awareness without judgment of thought, site, sound or feeling. Teaches `being` rather than `doing`.

Having trained in mindfulness, then found Steve Hayes (Acceptance and CommitmentTherapy) The philosophy stems from Relational Frame Theory, a theory of cognition and language, he teaches that thoughts are not facts and the reason for so much psychological despair is that we get hooked into our thoughts and believing them to be true we act on them. It teaches one to accept thoughts and feelings (as thoughts and feelings and not facts) and not to allow thoughts to prevent one from being willing to lead a valued life. Within my work in chronic pain, fear of further pain and damage is prevalent, therefore I teach that it is the thoughts that prevent them moving forward not the pain. People in chronic pain spend so much time and energy trying to get rid of the pain, mindful meditation allows them to acknowledge the pain and accommodate it and live a valued life in spite of and not because of.

I intend to order your book because I think it will be valuable in my work, but would really like a signed copy. Tricia, Essex

Dearest awakened soul ANIL, Read your book in Holland where I part live now in harmony with the heavenly nature… lounge views are acres of flat land with canals and grazing cows with most welcoming dung smell that I so love! This was the perfect setting for understanding the knowledge you have parted to all readers. There are no words to write as the final paragraph is THE CHERRY on the TRIFLE!… so perfectly placed with much depth that only few will grasp the full meaning of. Therefore, we shall meet to go deeper in this most magical journey… I am fortunate I have come across some amazing souls. May the inner life bring deeper vibrant colours to your remaining journey. Nutan Yogi

Thank you for your book “Good Bye, Mr Patel”. According to my understanding your life is truly based on Gayatari Mantra the way I understand Gayatari Mantra – that is “may the Almighty God illuminate our intellect to lead us along the righteous path”. The book touched my heart, brought back memory of my father and Uganda. I admire your introspective journey. You have achieved which many Yogis would not achieve in a little time. Well written fragmentary autobiography… the quote on the back cover from Buddha made me read every word in the book with interest.

Your book touched me and I pray your journey is fruitful and peaceful. Ishwar Ruparel

This morning I was just going thru the notes I had made while reading your book – And it really helped me – BIG time. I just wanted to thank you, once again for the wonderful book and for your work putting this book together.

PERFECT message for me – it really helped me while I was reviewing my notes! Thank you again and GOD bless! Sne (Hakoo) Patel

I have known you as a mentor and a family friend for the last 26 years. You have always advised me and guided me in the right direction, where every step has been a challenge. Way back in 1984, when you were heading a Buying Department in the Mines, I remember how you tore up my successful tender, on discovering that I had forced my way to supply items which another less privileged man had been supplying and earning his daily bread. Then I had felt bad, even cursed you, for the fact that I was known to you and expected a favour from you. That incident taught me a lesson. NEVER since then have I practised such a conduct. 26 years is a long time.

There are numerous occasions when one comes up against all sorts of difficulties in life. I have too, and have been referring them to you. You have always helped me in resolving them. I have implemented your advice, not only for myself, but my family and people around me. When I got the first edition of your book, I gave it to my Father (82 years old) and we thought it would be about your experiences in Africa. He read it and suggested I read it too. “NOW”, that I have read it, everything just falls into place. At times I had wondered how you can think so clearly. You really had understood life way back then. CONGRATULATION”.

This is a wonderful book for all to read, an inspiration full of real life experiences that guides one through the journey of life. Will not say “Good Bye” yet. Ashok Patel, Zambia

Amazing ,Truly A great read. A story of self discovery and quest for flawless vision, is a true spiritual life account of an East African Indian who came to England to become a Chartered Accountant.

I could not put the book down once I started reading , well worth reading an amazing piece of work. Anil Kumar really deserves to be commended for this work – excellent. The title “Good-Bye Mr Patel” did not make sense to me until I started reading the book, why the author suddenly made the transformation from Patel to Kumar. Manu, Banstead

In a speech to fellow students, I said: “Hello friends. How many of you here think it right to change your surname if needed? I guess no one. So why did the author of this book have to do so? Why a person holding an ACA degree and a work experience of long years in one of the biggest companies in the U.K. and Africa have to become Anil Kumar from Anil Patel?

This book GOOD-BYE , MR PATEL is a beautiful description of the transformation of the author from Anil Patel to Anil Kumar.

How many of you here know someone who has emigrated from India and living in some other country or how many of you wish to do so? I am sure everyone knows someone or the other and many of you may even be willing to settle in some country abroad. This book is not merely the story of the author himself but it is the story of the millions of Indians spread round the world. How are they discriminated just because of their colour and last name. What a loyal citizen has to face everyday because of his colour and surname.

The book starts with an episode where a 19 year boy is standing in front of the principal hoping to get a scholarship, but all he gets is a termination letter. The journey of the author starts while he is returning home; not at all a good way to start a journey. But yes this is all the book is about, and of many such incidents that make him change his surname from Patel to Kumar. But still he does not develop hatred for the county. He treats Africa as his home country and stays a loyal citizen throughout. Even when he is in the UK and very successful he longs to go back to Africa and does so. He feels as if he is at home when he is in Africa.

Yes, I am talking about the same boy who was refused to be given a scholarship for the mere fact of being a Patel. Still he gave all he could to his country that is Africa ,he gave the country an asset like Philip a legendary squash player. Such a loyal citizen who did not hesitate to change his surname for residing in Africa his home country.

What I personally liked and learnt from the book is that every one of us here has to face similar situations as the author somewhere in life. I found an Anil in myself and want every one of you present here to do the same and learn a lesson of being positive and not developing hatred in your heart for something of your own that goes against you or criticizes you. Thank you.” Chahat Shah, India

I have read your book and now feel closer to you. you, as I understand from reading your account of your life experiences, are on a path leading to living a spiritual life.

Your book ‘Good-Bye Mr Patel’ is a moving portrait of your life experiences. Your confrontations, baffling hard reality in Uganda and here as well as in Zambia are well written. Your goodwill and job satisfaction came to an abrupt end in Zambia and is very disheartening to read. I am sure your friends, cricket fans and may be readers of the book will feel terrible.

Your encounters with people of different race in pursuit of education and profession give me an impression that your feelings after dealing with and experiencing the way the powerful people deal with aspiring young, especially people of different race, is ’embedded deeply in your memory’. I admire your courage to write about your hurt feelings.

I wish you Good Luck Anil and hope readers will enjoy the book as I have and it is well received by young readers. Suresh Jani , Harrow, Middlesex