Langshott Leadership Foundation

What's On My Mind

A lantern of enduring hope in hand and resolute faith in heart;
a sure-fire guarantee of survival in today’s forest of mistrust.
It will not matter
if you cannot
see beyond matter,
but do believe
the unseen is
the mother of matter.
You may believe the force of Nature delivers your wishes, or you may believe it does not, both ways you are right.
There is no escape from conformity, whether from an external
authority or your own internal resolution.
To live an orderly life is the order of any day.
An escape from it is only possible in a mindless state where there is no awareness of anything.
it is in awareness that all of life’s trappings are concealed.
The primacy for restoring our world to its lively state lies in all the indigenous societies and cities starting to exist as villages.

Be thankful for the friendly nature of the skies, and you can be sure you’ll be pleased with whatever does come your way.
Be energized and enthused today.
Reach out to those near and dear.
Touch their hearts,
so there will be no tears to shed
on any deathbeds for words left
unsaid and deeds left undone.
To be accurately aware of one’s thoughts is truly vital because it is the quality of one’s thoughts that determines the quantity of one’s happiness.

To win an argument, be a good listener – hear the silence between words.

In leadership how you finish with others is what matters, not how you start.
Attachment is the cause
and detachment is the salvation
of most of the fundamental strife
of human communities..
We are inapt voters. The result? We are saddled with indecorous politicians. We reap what we sow! If they are jackasses, it makes us nincompoops.