Anil Kumar

“I will let no one write or paint on the fabric of my life.”

At a very young age Anil Kumar sensed conflict, physical, social and psychological, both inside and around him, and discovered a secret ally which he calls Nature that has always given him the strength to withstand adversity and courage to examine his motives and opened pathways to solutions to supposedly insurmountable problems of daily living. He strived and has to an extent succeeded in freeing himself from the grips of ego-driven warped thinking and the shackles of social conditioning, all of which he says was a prerequisite for him to connect to the vast amount of potential locked inside him.

More About Anil Kumar

Early life experiences forced him to look at himself. He could not accept that he was any different from anyone else. He realized that he was deeply scripted by his social environment. Craving freedom from the shackles of the social and psychological order surrounding him, he chose to move away from calling himself a Patel, his caste – a class of Hindu society. He believed, and still does, that to understand any situation it is first and foremost essential to step away from it. This ushered in the process of self discovery and quest for flawless vision, which gave him the strength to break with the past, dismantle the fetters of impractical and unquestioned customs, traditions and beliefs to pave the way for an open mind to flourish and not be doggedly attached to anything.At the age of 20 Kumar came to the UK in 1968 from Uganda to become a chartered accountant, but in the aftermath of the 1972 expulsion of Asians from Uganda, he became an immigrant in the UK by default. In his writings he has documented his experiences and how they have shaped the transformation of his life and thinking.He believes that the present day malaise and strife are caused by the increasing spiritual void in us. The modern man is so caught up in making a living that he has no time to truly and deeply think about life – where he’s come from and where he’s heading. His shallow living with murky intentions, self-centeredness and compulsion to perpetually engage in social networking, so as not to feel isolated, leave no time or energy for him to think at a deeper level. The result is frustration, confusion and inner conflict. And what is inside is experienced outside. There is clearly a need to genuinely create the feeling of being connected with fellow humans from a level where we all come together.In his writings he has encapsulated thought provoking and motivational wisdom to take the reader’s mind from thinking too many thoughts at one time to focusing the mind each day on the bigger questions about true self, the spirit within and purposeful life to promote inner growth and peace. He believes much strife can be eliminated if one learns to live in a state of abandonment. His barrier-shattering principles offer a way to understand and live a meaningful life.Now retired, Anil Kumar is a motivational and inspirational speaker who wants to give back to society part of what life has given him.