Presence = NOW

To truly understand NOW I go to my mind,
and command it to dismantle all barriers.
The mind is then open.

An open mind transcends all limitations.
It is free of judgment, and lets imagination flow unbridled.

The intensity of imagination absorbs all thoughts.
And I find I am in the gap between thoughts.

The Gap is the home for true meditation

I imagine the Universe as One Whole with me at the centre of it.
This Wholeness (Oneness), the Grand Matrix of eternal existence,
is the hoard of everything and every event I can imagine.

This is ‘All There Is’

Therefore, the past and the future are in it, which become NOW.
Time is now a myth, and Presence is all there is.
I find myself in a state of total integrity with All.
In this state of awareness there is no me or mine.

The ego is shattered!

Blissful peace is ushered in as there is acceptance of everything
and exclusion of nothing.

With acceptance one is awakened

In the state of acceptance one is:

free of dogma, sense of guilt and compulsion to judge,
fully empowered and creative,
a co-creator with Nature,
oozing love and compassion, and
working as an angel on earth.

This is the state of abandonment where one becomes a stakeholder in the Universe,
and sees no need to possess anything,
For one has everything!

Abandonment of the past and future = NOW

In the state of Now time is a myth.
Everything stands still.
The mind is cast away.

Consciousness and awareness take the helm.
Reality prevails and everything reveals its raw truth.
Truth stands bare and unveils the hidden realities of existence.

This is epiphany!
This is bliss!
This is the beauty of Now!

Anil Kumar, Langshott Leadership Foundation