Mind your swagger, your guitar is not your girlfriend

This notion imparted to me by my mother is an exciting and thought-provoking perspective on materialism and people’s attachment to material possessions. It serves as a reminder that relationships, connectedness, and experiences with fellow beings merit more excellent value over material possessions.

It is of extreme importance to be aware of our attitudes and behaviour when it comes to flaunting and being overly attached to material possessions. The prompt “Mind your swagger” is a reminder to be mindful of how we present ourselves so as to avoid being defined only by our material belongings at the expense of basic human TLC and sensitivities.

The comparison between a guitar and a girlfriend emphasizes the distinction between an inanimate object and a meaningful human connection. The guitar may hold sentimental value and bring joy through the act of playing music, but it cannot provide the same depth of emotional connection and support that a human relationship can offer.

In a broader sense, the quote highlights the potential pitfalls of materialism, where people may become too focused on accumulating possessions and using them to define their identity or status. It suggests that finding fulfilment and happiness should not solely rely on material acquisitions, but rather on cultivating meaningful connections, personal growth, and the pursuit of genuine passions and values.

By reminding us not to trivialize relationships and experiences over material possessions, the quote encourages a more balanced and fulfilling approach to life that goes beyond the superficial allure of self-actualization through materialism.

Similar wisdom imparted by my mother is in the words “Your Mercedes Benz is still in the driveway, so go back to sleep now!”.

A paragon of wisdom she was, my mother.

Anil Kumar