Compassion – The Gateway To Connectedness

It is said compassion, an ocean of love and mercy, is the essence of life. Without it life would be like an arid desert that is hostile and ruthless. It is an attribute, a gift of Nature, placed in all of us so we may empathetically understand the woes and difficulties of others.

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Understanding, when simply done from the deepest level, is in it-self therapeutic, for both he who understands and he who is understood. It is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others. It is the most effortless and highly spirited way to perpetually connect with others.

It can be said that compassion is an enduring flower seated at the core of the human heart. Its fragrance silently goes in all directions as a coherent energy force that harmonises all life. Compassion is the connective force that holds the entire cosmos together.

But compassion also has serious side effects:

It destroys stress.
It draws to you people in need of an up-lift.
The more you apply compassion, the more it grows.
It is contagious.

Anyone who receives compassion becomes compassionate!

Presence of compassion in a person can be known from a number of character and behavioural hallmarks. Here are some of them:

  • Compassionate people do not focus much on differences and comparisons, but on common universal features which place attention on how we are similar in the final analysis. Their mind transcends gender, race, religion, colour, social status, culture and geographical separation.
  • They espouse integrity – oneness – as they think from a level where we all come together.
  • They abstain from any thoughts of hate or harm toward others. They have no concept of ‘enemies’ or ‘us and them’. They feel the pain inflicted on others irrespective of who they may be.
  • They have the knack for creating sacred connection with those who come in physical contact with them, and for having a positive subliminal influence on those who intensely seek them silently.
  • Living by the old adage ‘charity begins at home’, they are, first and foremost, self-forgiving. They are kind to themselves. This prevents them from being hard on others.
  • Giving selflessly without striving to promote themselves is second nature to them. They have a strong sense of belonging to the community they live in and consider it their privilege to do for it whatever they can. Those who have nothing material to offer, give kind thoughts and blessings. When they see someone more accomplished, they silently say ‘I am so blessed that I share these times with such fortunate individuals’.
  • They share their knowledge freely and willingly pass it on to others who may benefit from it. Being mighty motivators they are equally willing to learn from others. In their world there are no friends or enemies, simply teachers.
  • There is an austere simplicity about the way they live their lives and conduct themselves.
  • Living in a state of abundance, they are not driven by material desires for self. They live knowing that what they need is delivered sooner or later. To them money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. To amass money is not their sole purpose in life, but simply a goal. They gain a sense of their successes, not by measuring their wealth, but by how frequently money has passed through their hands.
  • They are free of judgment and prejudice. They respect and accommodate all cultures and the right of others to have an opinion, even if it does not agree with them.
  • They are eternally grateful for diversity, for in it they derive a measure of themselves. Observing and understanding self comes from accepting diversity which leads to their inner growth. As they are, so is their world.
  • They are not shackled by customs and traditions, but fearlessly follow the voice of their inner convictions.
  • Cherishing the present moment, they live in a masterly state of awareness of the purpose at hand and their environment to such an extent that their mind is made free of doubt, fear and cynicism when engaging with others.
  • To them listening is an art of the heart and ears are for persuading. They are mighty great at drowning in the now so as to wring out consummate meaning and joy from each pulsating moment they share with another person.
  • Whilst serving others, they see themselves as instruments of the source of all life and believe that any deeds, noble as they me be, are not performed by them, but through them.
  • They are distinctive from ordinary people by the inner conviction, zeal for life and optimism they radiate. They rejoice in life for its own sake.
  • Their uniqueness is distinguished by their abiding aura that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of those who have experienced any contact with them

“Compassion is an enduring flower.
It is placed in the seat of your heart.
It oozes love & mercy.
Don’t let it shrivel” AK

Anil Kumar
September 2014