To truly understand our perceptions, let’s consider a scenario where a loved one, such as our child, is diagnosed with a painful condition and is confined to a hospital bed. At first, we may feel that it is our problem to bear, and we interpret the situation as dire, leading to anxiety and sadness. However, it is important to realize that our interpretation of the situation is what causes us to feel this way. We are the designers and makers of our own world, and our state of mind affects the state of our loved ones. Until this phenomenon is understood, our miserable state will persist.

In order to alleviate our own misery and help our loved ones, we must change our interpretation of the situation. As the saying goes, “As you are, so is your world.” By changing our own perception, we can help to alleviate our loved one’s suffering, or at least find the patience, courage, and strength to bear it.

To reach the heights of creative thinking, we must train our minds to see beyond the outer garments of what or who stands before us. We must recognize that we have the ability to see the inner fabric of things, beyond the surface level. This requires us to explore the depths of our minds and seek out new truths. By doing so, we can be blown away by the insights we uncover.

Wishing you clear perceptions,

Anil Kumar