The art of deliberate manifestation

There is a great deal to learn from observing young children.

Their minds are not adulterated or corrupted. They are not opinionated nor do they indulge in rationalizing or justification. There is no right or wrong in their world. They live a joyful existence. Their joy comes from attaining small things. They don’t feel insecure. Their little minds are free of clutter, and as that they are ideally placed to have what they want.

When a four year old girl wants ice cream, she demands it of her mother. In that moment she doesn’t think like an adult – she doesn’t care about the fact that she has a severe cold or the temperature outside is sub-zero. She doesn’t seek justification. Questions like “Does my mother have ice cream in the fridge? Is it convenient for her to get me an ice cream? Can she afford it? Is it a sensible proposition for me to demand ice cream? Is it right to demand? Have I become worthy of it?” No! She simply demands and gets the ice cream.

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At the core of the small successes of children to have what they want is the existence of the…

Law of Manifestation

How this powerful Law works can be best understood by observing children’s behaviour.

We are all born with the talent to manifest, but most of us forget this as we grow into adulthood.

We are conditioned by our social environment. We seek security and live in fear of losing what we have amassed.

We become rational in our thinking and behavior. Anything that the mind imagines with intensity actually exists.

It is important to accept this tenet at the outset for anyone who wishes to deliberately create. To manifest something is to produce the evidence of its existence. This is done when we bring a thing or a situation in to being in the physical realm.

The Universe is the storehouse of everything that the mind desires.

But great many desires remain unfulfilled, leading to loss of faith in the Law of Manifestation. The truth is that it works – works every time as can be gleaned from the behaviour of little ones and learned from those who have mastered it.

We are responsible for everything that comes our way – positive or negative. Very often things happen that we consider to have arisen by chance or accident, but that is not true. It is just that we have no recollection of having asked for it, or that we actually asked for it unconsciously.

When we ask in full awareness, it becomes deliberate manifestation.

There are reasons why often what we ask for does not come our way. You see, asking is not that simple. A complex alchemy has to be at work. A thought, which may arise from our perceptions, has to lead to a desire. The desire needs to turn into clear imagination. When the imagination is accompanied by focus, it leads to an emotion. The emotion has to be so intense as to create strong vibrations within. This process is like tuning into the radio station of your choice. The vibrations connect with the matching vibrations in the Universe which is a storehouse of everything that a mind can imagine. Thereafter, it is only a matter of time before manifestation takes place.

This practice demands discipline. You have to:

  • Divorce self-limiting beliefs. Commune with yourself with positive statements. Avoid language like “I am not fortunate like others” or “It is not easy to change”. In time your sub-conscious mind will be re-programmed. Know that nothing happens to you, but everything happens for you.
  • Become worthy of what you want. Avoid any feelings of guilt.  Avoid blaming others for what has happened to you.
  • Exist in a constant state of gratitude.  You will attract more of what makes you feel grateful.
  • Seek company of joyful and positive people. Avoid strong emotional judgment or condemnation.
  • Believe unconditionally that what you want will be delivered. This is an expression of trust. When you do this your swagger, behavior and language will slowly change.
  • Avoid dictating the method by which your desire will be accomplished. Simply focus on the end result.
  • Be patient and persevere. Set no time limits; because the Universe does not understand time. To change the established patterns of your subconscious mind calls for patience, perseverance and faith. Patience is an expression of faith that the desired result will be delivered.
  • Avoid making negative statements when communing with yourself – avoid saying “I don’t want to remain poor”. Say “I am becoming wealthy”. The Universe does not recognize negatives. “I am not poor” will be interpreted as “I am poor”.
  • Say what you want in a present tense. And focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
  • Know with clarity what you want. Beware that the Universe will give what you ask for.
  • Ask for what befits you and your life. Let it be within the context of your life. Fantasy will not work.
  • Feel joy within as if what you’ve asked has been delivered. Know that the Universe does not hear what you say, but it hears what you feel. When you sense negative thoughts and emotions, immediately shift your attention to something that makes you feel good.

More next time!

Happy manifesting!!!!!!!!!

Anil Kumar