The Magic of Gratitude

Gratitude is a growth hormone.
Its transformational qualities turn ‘enough’ to ‘more’
So I can be generous.
And be blessed.

Gratitude is a currency I can mint freely to bring abundant joy to life.
I get more of what I am grateful for.
“Be grateful first. Be assured next. Then gracefully receive”
This is the secret to my abundance recipe.

The prayer before a meal is an expression of gratitude.
The joy of this is knowing that tomorrow will bring a feast.

Somehow gratitude makes the wheel of fortune point in my direction.
The caterpillar accepts its form gratefully and then transforms into a colorful butterfly.
A stranger converts to a friend.
A house becomes a home.
Little turns to large.
A beggar becomes a giver.
Sickness dies to health.
A wish is followed by fulfillment.
This is the magic of gratitude.

Gratitude is the absence of envy.
A tramp, at the sight of a nobleman, will cry out elatedly,
“I am so blessed that I share these times with such fortunate gentry”
Gratitude miniaturizes struggles.
Gratitude is that I am wiser now though I did not win the argument.
The greater the gratitude, the greater the distance between joy and despondency.
Gratitude for each day that arrives is rejuvenating,
for it is an affirmation of life and a pathway to happiness.
Gratitude is a channel for connecting to the creative forces of Nature whose only purpose is to give.
The fullness of life is the ultimate fruit of gratitude.
To see the hidden purpose of joy and glory in all events of existence
is the truest form of expression of gratitude.