I am an Invisible Man

I see you in the street as you walk by.
I want to make eye contact with you, but you walk by.
I want to greet you with a smile, but you walk by.
I want to cuddle and hug your sweet little child, but you walk by.
So I give you a silent blessing as you walk by.
I whisper to myself ‘The spirit in me honours the spirit in you’ as you walk by.
I cast a long shadow, but you make me feel like I am not there.
I remain unnoticed.
I must be invisible despite my shadow.
Yet I thank you for making me feel that way.
But I want to reach you.
So I shower kind thoughts upon you.
They reach you in the silent hour of the night.
I give to the charity that reaches you every Christmas.
I see you in the rear view mirror at the toll bridge.
So I pay your toll charge, wish you a nice day and drive on.
I remain invisible, as you would like.
I pick up litter that you have dropped on the pavement.
So you are not irked when you return.
I remain unnoticed, but my duty is done.
You and I share these times.
So we must have a common space.
I am awake to this fact.
But you are asleep in a wakeful state.
A day will come when you will wake up in the knowing
that we are identical strands in the matrix of existence.

Until then you remain asleep and I invisible.
A human is a true being only when humane and compassionate.
Being invisible to you, I strive to be that.
I am grateful that I am invisible to you.
Now I don’t have to carry the weight of your gratitude and admiration.
I am free!
I am invisible.

Anil Kumar, Langshott Leadership Foundation