Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom

This book will remind you that we are spirit beings masquerading as humans.The author believes that the modern man is so caught up in making a living that he has no time to truly and deeply think about life – where he’s come from and where he’s heading. His shallow living with murky intentions, self-centeredness, and compulsion to perpetually engage in social networking, so as not to feel isolated, leave no time or energy for him to think at a deeper level. The result is frustration, confusion, and inner conflict. And what is inside is experienced outside. There is clearly a need to genuinely create the feeling of being connected with fellow humans from a level where we all come together.In this compendium of pithy statements and aphorisms, the author has encapsulated thought-provoking and motivational wisdom to take the reader’s mind from thinking too many thoughts at one time to focusing the mind each day on the bigger questions about the true self, the spirit within and purposeful life to promote inner growth and peace.

About The Book

You and I are one, so I urge you to read it as if you wrote it. Recite and mull over what touches you. Leave the rest. Your subconscious mind will take you back to it when the time is right. The tide of right time comes at some point, and with it comes the wisdom that peels off the layers of illusory ornamental adornments that conceal the divine truth about us.

Thank you for being.
Anil Kumar

Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom 

To go out in the early hours of the morning  

when the silent night is still sleeping in its shadow, 

and to find and convince a street person  

that he is not forsaken, 

 is the highest form of compassion. 


A kind word whispered in the ear of an unfortunate person  

creates radiant energy, as good as a health supplement, 

in both the giver and the receiver of the whisper. 


Bridges are not for burning, 

but for remaining connected.  

Forgiveness is the contractor who mends them. 


Between saying 

“God is ‘nowhere’” and  

“God is ‘now here’” there is only a space, 

but a transformation from  

illusion to enlightenment. 



Spirituality is an experience of self-observation. 

Self-observation leads to the realization that  

the architect of my world, my universe,  

is seated inside me. 


One that is not enlightened speaks to God 

One that is enlightened speaks with God 



Behind every event  

the intelligent Higher Force  

has a purposeful hand, 

 and to credit it with  

all that happens in my world  

is the beginning of true emancipation –  

the beginning of the need not to possess anything,  

or be anyone other than my true self.  


Being possessed by a truly mighty purpose, 

you experience a quantum leap. 

Hitherto undiscovered talents replace  

the senses of the mind and thoughts, 

and give birth to a mighty being. 

You become your purpose!   



In the light of the Higher Path of 

universal love, compassion, tolerance,  

charity and understanding, 

any religious path will become secondary. 


In the game of life we may 

appear to be trekking different paths, 

but no matter where we are heading, 

we will always take a little of  

each other everywhere we go. 

This is connectedness. 


You want to see the forest,  

but the trees get in the way. 

Step out of the illusion 

and see from afar.  

Step out of yourself and  

reveal the egoistic self. 


Decide to be happy today,  

to live with what is yours –  

your family, your friends,  

 your work, your purpose.
If you can’t have what you like,  

maybe you can like what you have.  

To heal yourself commune with yourself. 

Chant in your heart a joyful life-affirming  

mantra to say you are already healed.  


He who succeeds all the time has succeeded at nothing,  

for he has no failure to measure it against.  

The glory of success can only be sensed  

in the clinging gloom of failure. 


To define is to confine.  

In confinement there is captivity. 

In captivity, there is no freedom. 

Where there is no freedom, 

there is no growth.