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 This is me in the given picture. You and I are one.


Wholeness embraces all and every aspect of Existence – the good and bad. So, when one wholeheartedly acknowledges the presence of virtues and vices in them, then one becomes a true miniscule replication of Wholeness.

But when one espouses and strives to live by only the virtues, leaving all vices inactive, one is then an authentic portrayal of the divine in Wholeness, for now one admits to the presence of the Good and Bad in them, but champions only the Good.


At a very young age Anil Kumar sensed conflict, physical, social and psychological, both inside and around him, and discovered a secret ally which he calls Nature that has always given him the strength to withstand adversity and courage….

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Book Reviews

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I attract more money to myself than I give out
-Anil Kumar

 I refuse to be a sufferer
-Anil Kumar

I am free of serious disease
-Anil Kumar

If you are looking for a friend who is faultless, you will be friendless

Book Reviews Langshott Anil Kumar

Readers reviews

I have just finished reading both your books - the sequel finished a few days ago.The memoirs make compelling reading - for me especially as there are parallels between our personal experiences e.g. birth in East Africa, the personal and political upheavals and the cricket connections.The constant theme that runs as a thread through both narratives is the power of the mind over the body.
Goodbye Mr. Patel II The Sequel
Vijay David Koganti​
'I read a section of your book, "The Sequel" every morning before I get up. It is a grounding force which settles me and am very grateful for. The present situation has created a very frightening time for me financially as with many. My mind and focus are scattered in a panic yet, when I read your book I can focus and feel calmer​
Anil's Working Creed
Good morning Anil, I have finished reading, Good Bye Mr Patel 2 The sequel. Its utterly absorbing, your story is as good as it gets, for readers to know your achievement ; not easy especially after losing sight in one eye, brilliantly written Episode of self-discovery and quest of flawless vision. I feel much nearer to you than before because I know where you come from and you and your thoughts. Thank you for writing.
Suresh Jani

Anil's Working Creed

The following words are my statement of beliefs that I seek to hold as my constant companion.