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 This is me in the given picture. You and I are one.

To change from within you must light your
flame so brightly that you burn in it.
Only then will you arise anew.
Until then you are only a freshly painted version of yourself.
In case you are wondering, to light the flame is to convert knowledge gained into wisdom and call it your wisdom.

– AK

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At a very young age Anil Kumar sensed conflict, physical, social and psychological, both inside and around him, and discovered a secret ally which he calls Nature that has always given him the strength to withstand adversity and courage….

Anil's Inspiration

A sunny disposition of the mind will dispel
any dark clouds of melancholy conditions.
– Anil Kumar

A child when encouraged to speak, and heard with mature sincerity will create a landscape of green ideas.
– Anil Kumar

March confidently in the direction of your dreams and faith will command optimism to shine a torch upon your untrodden path.
– Anil Kumar

Book Reviews

The following is a selection of the kind things people have written about Good-bye, Mr Patel. If you would like your review to appear here please email it to


Have faith in yourself.  You don’t need a guru.  Introspect and you will  find your given guru seated inside.  Those others will  only impart teachings,  not enlightenment. – Anil Kumar See any river as time running by. Race not with time, it’s the obdurate winner. The longer you’re sheltered in its shadow, the longer lasting will be your youthfulness. – Anil Kumar We never stop thinking; hence we are constantly making our world from our thoughts and responses to our surrounding. Hence we should harness thoughts that are fit for our desired world. Our mind is in our control when we are aware of our thoughts and emotions, until then it has free reins to make us its victims. – Anil Kumar  



Get up now!
Your dreams are yearning for all teachings and messages to be teased out of them.
– Anil Kumar

When a subject is  
so deeply immersed in Divinity  
as to lose the entire notion of God is the ultimate in human evolution and self-realisation
– Anil Kumar

The one who has trawled beyond the domains 
visible to the naked eye,
sees no difference between
Life and Death.
– Anil Kumar


Readers reviews

This is the story of how a man came to be the man he came to be. It's auto-biographical but it's not an autobiography. The author weaves the disparate, non-linear threads of his life into an eloquent tapestry of his personal spirituality. I'm by no means a spiritual man but I can certainly appreciate the underlying philosophy, and it's a fascinating journey from humble beginnings to wealth that's measured not in money or status but in a sense of inner peace.
S Fowler (Bugblatter)
Goodbye Mr, Patel
My beautiful friend Karen has bought your book "Gentle Breeze of Daily Wisdom" for my birthday. You kindly inscribed a message to me (Jan), making this gift of aphorisms and daily motivational thougts even more personal and special. "Thank You"! and I thank you for putting your thoughts & inspirations into print. The world needs more of your books, please. I feel blessed I have a personalised copy. Love & Gratitude
Langshott Leadership Foundation
Goodbye Mr. Patel II, The Sequel
This morning I was just going thru the notes I had made while reading your book – And it really helped me – BIG time. I just wanted to thank you, once again for the wonderful book and for your work putting this book together.PERFECT message for me – it really helped me while I was reviewing my notes! Thank you again and GOD bless!
Sne (Hakoo) Patel
Goodbye Mr. Patel II, The Sequel

Anil's Working Creed

The following words are my statement of beliefs that I seek to hold as my constant companion.