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Welcome to Langshott

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Welcome to Langshott

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Welcome to Langshott

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Welcome to Langshott Leadership Foundation

Anil Kumar

Life is a compendium of enriching experiences. Begin your journey here… Welcome to this website!

 This is me in the given picture. You and I are one.


In the state of spirituality all things

physical, social and material

are relegated to a lower order of priorities.

The spirit is given rein to steer one’s

thoughts, words, actions and emotions towards stability.

Book Reviews

The following is a selection of the kind things people have written about Good-bye, Mr Patel. If you would like your review to appear here please email it to reviews@langshott.org.

Positivity Corner

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.- Rumi

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.
– Yoko Ono


At a very young age Anil Kumar sensed conflict, physical, social and psychological, both inside and around him, and discovered a secret ally which he calls Nature that has always given him the strength to withstand adversity and courage….

Anil's Inspiration

It is hoped the following will give you a degree of inspiration

Readers reviews

I have read your book Good Bye Mr.Patel and I enjoyed reading it. The journey of an individual’s life is summed up in a metaphysical abstraction connecting the individual with a higher purpose in life. It felt like reading the Eastern version of James Joyce’s Ulysses. 
Vijay David Koganti​
'I read a section of your book, "The Sequel" every morning before I get up. It is a grounding force which settles me and am very grateful for. The present situation has created a very frightening time for me financially as with many. My mind and focus are scattered in a panic yet, when I read your book I can focus and feel calmer​
Good Bye Mr.Patel… I have started reading it and it is helping me – peeling off layers one by one and taking me near my true self. It is a slow digestive process but am truly looking forward to finding my original self. I think the spiral has started from outside environment and will end up inside! Will keep you updated
Sonal Patel

Anil's Working Creed

The following words are my statement of beliefs that I seek to hold as my constant companion.