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Anil Kumar

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 This is me in the given picture. You and I are one. 

“The illusion of death is discerned when one is able to eke out of one’s consciousness the ultimate state – Integrity/Oneness. When this is done the fear or illusion of death dissipates. Then we realise the futility of deliberate taking of other human life or calling any debilitating event a suffering because in the end everything will end up at the doorstep of the Source.To discover what lies at the doorstep of the Source is a purpose mightier than any other endeavour for us mere mortals – we are mortals until we crack open the nutshell of the mysterious Source.”– AK

What’s On My Mind?​

Ideas come from space.
But what is this space?
Believe me, it is the gap between thoughts.
Widen the gap by taking clutter out of your mind.
Ideas flow in a silent mind.

What is the matter with you?
Know that there is no matter.
The physical and the non-physical
both come from one energy source
from whence you and I emerged
We have one home.


At a very young age Anil Kumar sensed conflict, physical, social and psychological, both inside and around him, and discovered a secret ally which he calls Nature that has always given him the strength to withstand adversity and courage….

Anil's Inspiration

The budding rose on the bush is the Divine speaking to us.
Only we must know the subtle ways of the Divine –
It speaks in the silent spaces between thoughts.
Anil Kumar

You create Nothing.
Look into the Menu of Life etched on the Palms of Your Hands.
Make a Choice and say what You want.
Now put Your Hands together and
wait for the Maker to deliver.
Anil Kumar

Remember, the Wisdom you have,
You did not purchase.
It came to You from Nature
proportionate to the Effort
You’ve put into understanding
mankind and life.
Anil Kumar

Book Reviews

The following is a selection of the kind things people have written about Good-bye, Mr Patel. If you would like your review to appear here please email it to


There is only one time that is important – NOW!
It is the most important time because
it is the only time that we have any power.
– Leo Tolstoy

If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you living in the present.
Lao Tzu

He who knows that enough is enough
will always have enough.
– Lao Tzu


The Sufi corner

I don’t know where I end
and where you begin.
– Rumi

May be you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots
– Rumi

Do not sell your soul in exchange for anything,
this is the only thing you have brought into this world and the only thing you can take back
– Rumi


Readers reviews

Good Bye, Mr Patel" is about one man’s spiritual journey through life and how he has learnt to live with the vagaries of life which has all been foundational to his unfoldment on the way to self-realisation.
An Admirer
Goodbye Mr, Patel
'I read a section of your book, "The Sequel" every morning before I get up. It is a grounding force which settles me and am very grateful for. The present situation has created a very frightening time for me financially as with many. My mind and focus are scattered in a panic yet, when I read your book I can focus and feel calmer​
Anil's Working Creed
Goodbye Mr. Patel II, The Sequel
Anil, Thank you sincerely for sharing your latest publications with me which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very beneficial in maintaining focus on the important things in life. I carry your messages with me daily and find them to be very beneficial
Bernadette Tansey-Daly
Goodbye Mr. Patel II, The Sequel

Anil's Working Creed

The following words are my statement of beliefs that I seek to hold as my constant companion.