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The key to my joy, bliss and freedom lies with my jailor, my offender, who awaits my forgiveness. Until I grant him forgiveness, I am a captive in his prison cell.

Anil's Working Creed


My music was placed in me at birth. Let me play that. If I try to be like someone else, then it is the end of me. Imagine what would happen if the sun tried to be like the moon.

Anil Kumar Langshott Foundation


When your superiority goes to your head, your centre of gravity moves up. The result: You topple over!!!!

Anil's Working Creed


Let us not live life with our eyes wide shut! Let us - each one - dance and paint on the canvas of existence with such intent that we leave behind a masterpiece. Our grandchildren will bless us.


Faith is seen in action If I want to broadcast my faith, let me show it in how I treat my neighbour and his children rather than “tell and sell “ how great my love is for my creator. If I want to preach to you of my passion for my faith, let me show it in how I live peacefully and give lovingly.


Bridges are not for burning, but for remaining connected.Forgiveness is the contractor who mends them..

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“If you are not happy, I will give you not happy” Nature

Anil Kumar Langshott Foundation


The Universe is mankind’s best ally.Know it. Trust it. Love it. Befriend it.Commune with it. Say thanks to it. It gives what we need and ask for. It is a magical celestial ATM, inexhaustible and everlasting! You can travel to it without moving.Try it.You will return a different person.

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To forgive as a rule is humanity, To forgive after being hurt is magnanimity,But to forgive before being harmed is sanctity.



If you want to run a race, run it. And be first in the race to forgive,or to say ‘sorry’.

Anil Kumar Langshott Foundation


The spirit of forgiveness and gratitude will safeguard my security and liberty more than a standing army.

Anil Kumar Langshott Foundation

Door of Joy

Nature will open the door to its riches, but you must first express ecstatic joy that your desire is on its way.

Anil Kumar Langshott Foundation

My Short Life

Short as my life may be, It still is long enough, To let me sow love, So much that it may One day become a blanket Of compassion to Give you warmth And a reminder that I lived for your comfort.

Mystic Garden

In the garden Of the mystic there is no separation.

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The Magic of Gratitude

Gratitude is a growth hormone. Its transformational qualities turn ‘enough’ to ‘more’, so I can be generous...

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In the beginning was the word

A human is a true being only when humane and compassionate. Being invisible to you, I strive to be that...

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51 Shades of Green

A man’s life curriculum can be broadly divided into four compartments – physical, societal, psychological and spiritual...

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I am an Invisible Man

A human is a true being only when humane and compassionate. Being invisible to you, I strive to be that...

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Even Eagles Need A Push

A video by David McNally about the power of encouragement...

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Gif Tiv Ism

The art of loving and giving, a new value system for surviving in the modern day...

Patience - A Winner's Virtue

Between stimulus and response there is a gap called the time...


Belief is a language of creation that we are gifted with...

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Greater Truth

I believe no real purpose is served by being rigidly stuck on ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’...


Presence = NOW...

From Good to Great

It is a journey from the mind to the heart’...