The Mind

Whatever a human mind can conceive of actually exists. This is the limit of the human mind.

When what is conceived of takes form, it is called manifestation. Manifestation is nothing but an evidence of that which exists. The mind cannot conceive of that which was pre-existence. Yet this limited mind is constantly engaged in search of the origin of creation. It strives to explore and explain the Universe, how it came about and how it is expanding since the event of the Big Bang. All of this is done with scientific facts, and yet the question of what preceded the Big Bang is not, nor can be, addressed by the mind. It could be that Nature has placed this limit on it. No matter how much the mind explores and explains, the continuum of what preceded that which is explained will remain without an end. The human vocabulary cannot have a substitute for ‘beginning’ or ‘origin’, and as long as the mind is engaged in this endeavour, the realm of time will prevail. The mind cannot go beyond time. Time is just a machination of the mind which is preoccupied with observing, measuring and judging.

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Could it be that there is a hidden purpose in the limitations of the mind? Could it be that the very thought of what preceded, which is in the realm of time and space, cannot be explained by the human mind? Could it be that the human mind has to abandon itself and let the energy of the spirit in human take the human beyond the state of humanhood? Could it be that the answer to this conundrum, which cannot be explained, but experienced, will come when all humans feel deep within that they are all One, and as such become one with the entire Universe, to experience this wonder of Nature, or itself, in a state of total Integrity?

In total Integrity there is no time or space, nor judgment. There cannot be any language for this statelessness. Where there is no language, there is no need for the mind.

But you will need the mind to ponder over this! Can we let the mind disengage itself so we can experience ourselves in a mindless state?

Yours truly confused,

Anil Kumar

10 May 2014