C-L-A-R-I-T-Y – A Legacy for our Grandchildren

Living in a world increasingly torn apart by hatred and terror, I sit in wonder chewing over the questions ‘Will my grandchildren ever forgive me for the kind of world I am creating for them?  Will I want them to stomach the world that has gone blind? Will they live in eternal fear, or strive to destroy the enemy and change the world for the better?’

The option to change the world for the better wins the vote. But this is a tough call – because it means finding, recognising and changing the enemy. This option offers no destruction, hatred or violence – an approach that has become totally alien to most of the human race – but a crusade to change that which is desperately feared and loathed.

This is a crusade with self which has to begin with a new heart and a fresh pair of eyes – a shift in paradigm to usher in C-L-A-R-I-T-Y which is a cry for the revival of the age-old ideals, values and principles placed in us by Nature, but we have foolishly kept them buried deep inside us because they don’t serve our selfish and materialistic modern-day ends.

Here is what CLARITY stands for:

Coherence – You have in you the talent to bring your heart to resonate compassionately with other hearts and create connectedness with fellow humans at a deeper level to put an end to all forms of alienation. Let your heart be filled perpetually with tender feelings toward others and your thoughts remain gentle upon those around you. Your eyes will tell the story of the emotions and thoughts you carry without the need for words. Language has no place for creating coherence with others. The energies of the Universe will conspire with you to subliminally reach out to the world. Practise coherence in a meditative silence until it becomes a habit.

Love – As you connect subliminally with fellow humans, magnetically your tender heart will embrace other hearts, and you will then know no separation or fragmentation.

Affection – You will become replete with fondness, warmth, friendliness and caring attitude. As you become, so will your world be and you will then know that you are free of all fear of harm and hate.

Respect – Deep admiration for all and seeing nothing but virtues in everyone you live with will be your natural inclination. You will inspire others and always be in a world of high-achievers. Believe the world is good and you will see good.

Insouciance – Your relaxed and calm disposition will not only keep you free of anxiety and worry, but also spur you to readily forgive. You will play with abandon and your stride will announce to your world that you meet life with nonchalance as you stride forward without being overly concerned.

Transcendence – As you self-actualise life will provide meaning. Living in unearthly fashion you will transcend daily squabbles and strife and live an illuminated life of one who is blazing his own trail to a greater height of joyfulness.

Yin & yang – You will walk to the edge and ultimately see the reward for living lovingly and respectfully with fellow-humans as you transcend toward self-realisation. There are no opposing forces, but mere inter-connected strands of existence. There is no duality but oneness. Every action is a cause as well as a result in a continuum of ever flowing consciousness. You and everything are a part of it.

Let us each one dance on the canvas of existence
with such intent that we leave behind a masterpiece,
and not live life with our eyes wide shut!