Progress & Change

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Progress is to do more and more and better and better of what we have always done, but change is a complete transformation for a new beginning.

I once met a man who had just retired from work in Indian Railways. He said rather smugly he had fulfilled all his social and family obligations, always given to charity in spite of his modest resources, he was upright and was now dedicating himself to progressing towards ‘search for God’. 

He was somewhat stunned when I retorted that it was a ‘foolish idea’. “What do you mean foolish?” was his rejoinder. “Where do you think ‘God’ is?” I asked. “Well, er…I suppose everywhere!” he guessed. “In that case how can you find something that is everywhere?” I challenged him. He gazed at me quizzically, whilst I continued “and if it is everywhere, are you not in it, and is it not in you?” 

Now I was being a bit smug. Not the surrendering type, but a bit animated, he countered “The trouble with you young educated types is that you think you know everything, in fact you behave like ‘God’. You can keep your knowledge to yourself and let us, humble creatures, follow what we have been taught.” He was content with what he was taught and not in the least keen on leading an inquiry into teachings received. 

However, I learnt my first lesson – avoid debating matters of God and religion because no one knows enough. I decided to change myself and he, I guess, continued with his progress.