Communing with self

 Communing with self is a panacea for combating loneliness.

Not praying nor meditating, communing is a practice of consciously coming intimately close to one’s inner-self in solitude without the use of sounds – any sounds. This is when the mind addresses the life force within and thus broadcasts thoughts, desires, intentions and emotions of the physical subject, with profound intensity, to the Universe – the home of the Law of Creation.

This is a very powerful and effective method to bring about positive outcomes in one’s personal life related to health, the strength of character, general wellbeing and relationships.


At the outset, it demands discipline and faith that all of one’s needs are delivered in the fullness of time. The added benefit is the ensuing strength and wisdom to accept that some things that do not materialise are asking the subject to resolve conflicts between the NUBs (negative unwanted beliefs) embedded in the subconscious mind and the NABs (newly acquired beliefs) created in the conscious mind. The NUBs can be overwritten with NABs through the practice of meditative exercises and self-hypnosis which is a more advanced aspect of communing with self and is not considered here.


The point to note is that there is no scope for the realisation of any fantasies because each one of us has to live within the context of their life. All asking has to be concentrated, realistic, relevant, upright and virtuous. This is done by silently uttering positive affirmations in the present tense with eyes closed and focused on the point on the forehead between the eyes.


Some examples of positive affirmations before communing with self and creating a rapport with Nature are:

  • ‘I am healthy’
  • ‘I am wealthy’
  • ‘I am supremely vibrant and friendly’
  • ‘I am immensely positive’
  • ‘All is well with me’
  • ‘All my needs are always delivered’
  • ‘The forces of the Universe conspire to grant my wishes’
  • ‘I love, I am loved, I am love’
  • ‘I am attractive’
  • ‘I am wise’
  • ‘My world is peaceful’
  • ‘My family is in a good stead’
  • ‘I am healing myself’
  • ‘All the cells in my body are responding to my intentions’

With eyes closed go into a mode of deep silence for a few minutes after completing your affirmations, feel vibrations running down your spine and know that your broadcast has reached the source who is your intimate friend. Know him, trust him, love him, respect him, use him, thank him and, above all, know that you are never alone.


If at first, this exercise appears to be unnerving and eerie, simply observe total silence and visualise the words you want to say. Silence removes all ambiguity that words fail to do; because silence makes words obsolete. Silence will tell you the secrets of the Universe. Visualise and step onto the staircase of your goals in joyful awareness that your desire has been delivered.

As an act of manifestation or creation, the practise of communing with self is more powerful than a token prayer as there is a real sense of dialogue and connectedness with the entity within.

Daily praying may often be a religious act of conformity to feel one with others and to be seen to be towing the line. If it is carried out from the pre-programmed mind and out of compulsion or fear, it is a mere religious ritual. But an effective and veritable praying is a self-disciplined and humble act freely performed in a state of surrender before an object of worship, or anywhere, to express gratitude for what has been granted, or to supplicate. It is a religious act.

Communion with self need not be a religious act.

Anil Kumar

January 2021