Now is a 3 letter explosion!!!!!

“Be happy for this moment.

This moment is your life!”

Omar Khyyam

‘Now’ may seem to be a simple enough concept to grasp, but in reality it is a deep and esoteric experience of existence which can’t even be imagined at the level of an ordinary mind.

It is most definitely not the present moment in time. There is no time in Now because it is a fusion of past and future into the present. It is reversed fragmentation. Time only exists in fragmentation, otherwise there is only Now. Now is a cocoon to exist in. Now is perpetual being. Now is one life state. It is all-embracing total eventless state. You cannot step out of it to see it from a distance like you can come out of your house to see it.


Are you with me? Do you understand what I am getting at? Pray be patient and continue……..


Whereas ordinarily ‘understanding is an endless journey’, which may be true as far as the state of existence at an ordinary mind level is considered, there is one unique psycho/spiritual transcendental experience a human can undergo which momentarily brings a total end to the need for understanding. In fact it is an end of need. This is what I call an epiphanic experience of the Now state when Wholeness or Totality is visualised as engulfed within the individual self. This is when one’s conscious and subconscious mind aspects appear to be fused into one unitary mind put on auto pilot.

Now in the spiritual parlance is an esoteric experience whereby the state of one’s consciousness undergoes a shift in its capacity to sense the surrounding environment at a holistic level. It’s not a term to distinguish present moment in time from a series of events in the physical, but rather it is the fusion of past, present and future which shatters the notion of time and thus erases any sense of history. In the spiritual sense of Now there is only present moment experience that engulfs eternity, memory evaporates into nothingness, there is no destination to go to, no hurry to get anywhere for there is nowhere to go, and as there is no sense of future, but only permanency, there is no desire because that is a future time event.

Now is not learnt as an academic exercise, but is experienced as a rare ‘the moment of truth’ phenomenon at a consciousness level, possibly lasting only a short transitory moment, in which the senses of wholeness and projection into the quantum field of all possibilities are realised simultaneously. ‘All possibilities’ implies anything one imagines, desires or wants is existing in a goldilocks like perfection.

Now is understood by a spiritual mind that is not contaminated by dogma.

Now is your rowing boat that is perpetually carrying you through all the vicissitudes of life. You experience the memory of events of yesterday now, the desires of tomorrow now and you experience in consciousness the present moment now. You are in now. You cannot be in yesterday or tomorrow. You are the carrier of the hoard of everything.

Now is extrication from the perpetual wheel of birth, life, death and re-birth.

Now is the purest spot to be dwelling in – there is no judgment in Now for there is no memory of anything of the past to measure anything against.


When you fully have the experience of ‘Now’ it will blow your mind.

That’s why it is a three letter Explosion!!!!

Anil Kumar