In the beginning was the word

Words make an enlightening ocean.
Drown in them to see the wisdom concealed within.
They will make you see the world in a different light and in no time you
will experience a transformation not previously conceived of:
Nowhere to now here
An acorn to a mighty oak
An adolescent to an adult
A beggar will assume the swagger of a king, and The rapist will become a therapist.

Words are virtual connective tissues

Words sung by a mother to an unborn child will entrain mother and child for life.

No matter how far apart they may be in the physical, when sung, these words will end all space between the two.
Even when uttered in silence,
words bring the world together.

Words are a mighty weapon cushioned on the tongue’s tip

They are not simply for informing and describing, educating or
confusing, leading or misleading, but also for inspiring and uplifting.
For they light fires in the mind and bring tears to the hardest of hearts.
They change the unbending hearts and minds.

Words as energy make ripples in the air

They are malleable:
divine when spoken from the heart, and pitiless when vocalized with a sharp tongue.
Powerful words ring echoes in the mind and create a lasting meaning.

They may be sung or spoken or written, but when conveyed unseen and unheard in the midst of the night,
they are sublime messengers that build bridges between humans.

Beware though, words are slippery

Once delivered, no technology will bring them back.

We may utter them thoughtlessly to describe someone, but may end up being described.
They will acquit you, or condemn you.
All depends on how well the tongue is tamed.

Anil Kumar