When it comes to the innermost, deepest, and most intimate searching questions about our individual existence in the physical form, it is not worth asking anyone to explain the esoteric aspects of our magical being.
Our mind, body, and spirit are the only faculties for gaining insights about ourselves and giving us instinctual survival guidance. A child does not need to know the time for feeding nor how to suck at its mother’s nipple. No one tells us how and when to fall in love, no one tells us how and when to switch ourselves off for good, and no one tells us when to be born and when to die.
No one in human form can claim to have the total authority or insights to tell anyone what happens after physical death, but everyone can commune with self, ask and let the Holy Trinity – body, mind, and spirit- do its work in helping the self to give answers and help their growth and unfoldment.
However, what we read and hear from saints and sages about the afterlife, rebirth, and karma are narrations and interpretations of what others have said or personally experienced in the past. This cannot be out-rightly dismissed or ridiculed, nor taken as gospel truth, but can be respectfully heeded because it tells us that even we can aspire to have a first-hand experience of similar esoteric phenomena, but only if we learn to listen to and, be guided by, our sacrosanct body, mind, and spirit.
Let us be independent and courageous enough to seek answers from the Source Itself That has placed all the Enabling Faculties in us – Its creations. AND IT MUST HAVE PLACED A LITTLE BIT OF ITSELF IN US FOR US TO EXPERIENCE ITS MAGICAL ENGINEERING.

Anil Kumar