The vote to go to war – my riposte

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Terrorism is not quelled with guns, bullets and rockets.
It is not fought on battlefields, nor on streets of towns and cities.
What is seen on torn battlefields and battered streets,
is the mirror image of what is already within.
That is the true home of raging wars.

I go within, armed with intent to abstain from anger
and thoughts of harm toward others.
I go to my heart and beseech it to create coherence
and sense of unity with my environment.

Suddenly, I am at peace with my rampant self.
The magic of coherence begins to manifest itself.
It reaches every heart in the neighbouring environs
and readily I see smiling faces, each saying,
‘The spirit in me honours the spirit in you’.

I reach out to the world and joyfully cry out
“I have won the war on what lives in the heart.
I am a true soldier!”

Anil Kumar