Belief is a language of creation that we are gifted with What we believe, we will create.

It is therefore beneficial to replace beliefs that cause fear with beliefs that inspire and give hope.

Look back on your life and recall what you have achieved.
You will know that before it was delivered,
you used to think about it and imagined it.
Possibly you were also expressing your desire in words.

Beliefs are seeds sown in the fertile territory of the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind will return what is planted in it –

just like fertile land gives what is sown in it.

Belief is faith without proof…

If you carry right beliefs and have faith that they will come true,
you are expressing faith that the Higher Force
will deliver what you believe.

If beliefs that cause fear crop up,
you must place your mind immediately
on beliefs that make you feel joyful.

Joyfulness is our natural state.
Joyfulness is an expression of gratitude.
In a state of gratitude we affirm life
and are eternally connected to

‘All That Is’

Beliefs are founded on positivity…

To create positive beliefs,
you must imagine the end result as though it has been delivered
and see it clearly in your mind.

This is how prayer works.
When praying we don’t ask for anything,
but merely express desire and believe that it will happen.
This is how we express faith in the Higher Force.

You must not torture yourself by thinking that you have done anything wrong,
but you must be willing to forgive yourself.

Only those people who can forgive themselves are truly able to forgive others.
Forgiving is a divine act.

When you imagine forgiving yourself, you receive forgiveness at the deepest level.

This is how you can heal yourself – both spiritually and physically.

Put your heart at the centre…

Any act you perform out of your heart
with compassion, respect, kindness and love
can never be an unholy act.

Remember in your world there are no bad people.
We are all creatures of God, always connected with God,
except when we deliberately seek to harm someone out of anger or for revenge.
Recognise that inner anger and frustration are our worst enemies.
What is inside is greater than the surrounding circumstance.

Nothing happens to us, but everything happens for us.
Understanding every event leads to our spiritual growth.

Everyone who comes in our life
has a lesson for us that leads to our enlightenment.
Therefore, we should always be grateful to them, no matter what they have done.

Actions are not individuals.

Put your heart at the centre…

With powerful and lasting beliefs anything is possible.

In the realm of beliefs there is no time, no doubt and no fear, but only faith.

To change and influence a situation we do not like,
we must first understand it and make it our own without any fear.
Then act in our mind out of love and patience
by imagining it as changing for the better.

Beliefs will enliven our unrealised basic
faculties, talents and qualities of character
so we can be the instrument of the creation of our reality.

Then nothing will be a miracle, for we will have first created it in our mind.

Personal Realities are best created by those who…

carry total faith in themselves
exercise patience and are fearless
demonstrate strength of character
are of an independent mind
are not swayed by the opinions of others
live by the truth they have discovered for themselves
have learnt the secret of becoming worthy of what they desire

Thank you.

Anil Kumar, Langshott Leadership Foundation