Greater Truth

I believe no real purpose is served by being rigidly stuck on ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’.

What is seen as ‘Right’ by one may be ‘Wrong’ in the eye of another.
Yesterday’s wrong has today become right, and today’s wrong will become right tomorrow.

‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ is just a matter of perception.
Perception is a gift of Nature to notice or sense what an eye fails to see.

An oft repeated wrong by most becomes right, and a forsaken right soon becomes wrong.

I strive to flow freely like a river –
it does not choose between its banks,
nor between right and wrong.

An open mind must constantly flow like a river.
The river carries gold dust as well as slime and slurry.
When it reaches its home, all is engulfed in the unitive ocean of greater truth.

Then there is no meaning to any judgment – for we may meet in Heaven those we have judged as unworthy.

To eliminate the conflict in the inner,
arising from the need to discern right from wrong,
remain in the grey margin betwixt the two.
This margin is the spawning ground
for an open mind to flourish.

In the margin,
where there is absence of the rigid judgment,
there is freedom to joyfully dance
between the polarities called right and wrong.

The higher truth, though, is that there is no real point in holding vehemently on to such truths, for yesterday’s truth is today not what it was, and tomorrow will bring another superseding truth.

I strive to remain open-minded and let the mysteries of life continue to bewilder me

Anil Kumar, Langshott Leadership Foundation