Light – the Source of Enlightenment

“When light deflects from an object
and reaches the eye of the observer,
there is confirmation of the existence
of the object.

But that does not mean the object did not exist

before the light reached the observer.
So, just because the light has not
reached the seeker, it does not mean
the Divine does not exist.
To discover this truth is enlightenment”

When light reflects off an object and enters the observer’s eye, it provides confirmation of the object’s existence. However, the absence of light reaching the observer does not imply that the object did not exist prior to its visibility.

– AK

Similarly, the presence or absence of direct perception or experience does not determine the existence or non-existence of the Divine. The Divine, or higher spiritual truth, transcends the limitations of our sensory perception. It exists beyond what can be directly observed or sensed.

Enlightenment comes from realizing this truth—that the Divine exists regardless of our personal experiences or direct encounters. It is in the awakening to the understanding that there is a deeper reality beyond what our senses can grasp. It involves transcending the boundaries of the physical world and tapping into a higher spiritual awareness.

Enlightenment involves a profound shift in consciousness, where one recognizes the Divine’s presence and interconnectedness with all things. It is a realization that goes beyond intellectual knowledge and enters the realm of direct experience, intuition, and inner wisdom.

To discover this truth and attain enlightenment requires opening the mind and heart to the possibility of a divine presence beyond what meets the eye. Through meditative self-inquiry and contemplation, one can access the deeper levels of awareness and connect with the spiritual essence that permeates all of existence.

Enlightenment is not limited to a specific religious or spiritual tradition but is a universal quest for truth and awakening. It is an ongoing process of deepening one’s understanding, expanding consciousness, and aligning with the divine essence that dwells within and around us.

It is in the transformative journey towards the search for the truth beyond what is readily visible, that one will experience enlightenment and a deeper connection with the Divine.

Happy quest!


Anil Kumar