When you go fishing

When you go fishing, know it is fish you want

The words of this title are no less profound than what my mother used to say,

“Play together and share your toys”

It may sound simple but its profoundness holds deeper meaning and life lessons beyond literal interpretation.

At a surface level, going fishing is to catch fish, but it serves as an idiomatic reminder to stay focused on our goals and objectives. When we embark on a specific pursuit or a particular goal, we should keep our attention fixed on the desired outcome and not be distracted by other things. These words encapsulate the secret of success in any venture.

On a more philosophical level though, this saying reflects the importance of clarity and purpose in life. It suggests that before we set out on any journey or pursue any aspiration, we should ask ourselves, “What is it that I truly want to achieve?”

Often in life, we may get caught up in the pursuit of various unprioritized objectives without fully considering whether they align with our values, passions, or long-term aspirations. It is convenient to follow the path that others have laid out for us or chase after goals that society deems worthy without questioning if they truly bring us fulfilment and happiness.

“When you go fishing, know it is fish you want” calls us to be introspective and deliberate in our choices. It invites us to align our actions and endeavours with our authentic selves, ensuring we pursue what resonates with our hearts and souls.

Moreover, the saying also touches on the theme of contentment and appreciating the journey itself. While catching fish may be the primary goal of fishing, the process of fishing can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It reminds us to cherish the silent moments, learn from the challenges, and find joy in the process of pursuing our goals, not just fixating solely on the end result. There is veritable joy in the journey!

Live intentionally staying true to your values and purpose without letting any distractions hook you! The fisherman knows what he wants and where to find it, but he casts his line first in the deep waters of his mind!

Yours truly in the steady boat of life,

Anil Kumar